We are a surgical specialist group, which provides training and advice in foot and ankle surgery. We are particularly interested in techniques which involve arthroscopic (keyhole) procedures which we believe reduce the relative risk of complications in foot and ankle surgery.

Such surgery does demand the application of certain specialist skills which can be acquired through targeted training. Although surgeons may have experienced some aspects of arthroscopy in their foot and ankle training, it is by no means uniform.

In the South West of the UK led by Steve Parsons and Ian Winson these skills are more routinely available. It is particularly from these surgeons and their colleagues that training course faculties  can be derived.

To provide such courses we are happy to form partnerships with either commercial companies or with surgeons in different locations in the world who wish to try to stimulate interest in this form of practice.

We provide a well structured program of lectures and “hands on” cadaver surgery which has a proven track record and popular with participants.

We are also able to provide consultancy advice on the structure and provision of foot and ankle treatment services to individuals, clinics and hospital authorities who wish to develop their service.

We are happy to advise industrial partners on developments in this field.

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